We welcome photo gallery image submissions. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Images of wildlife in an urban or suburban environment
  • Images may include human elements, such as buildings, vehicles, fences, or similar human created structures or objects. These elements, however are not required
  •  Wildlife includes any sort of animals, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, or insects
  • Please provide any information you can about the animal in the image. If you know the species name or the common name, include that in the description
  • Tell us where you took the image
  • We are not looking for exotic animals, such as those one might find on a photo safari, or captive animals, such as those found in zoos or sanctuaries

Tell us about your image: location, species, etc. Limit 500 characters. If you have a website, include that here, also.

One image up to 2MB