By Thomas Louck

These past many months, animals have ventured out to re-take places formerly occupied by humans:  the virus has kept us at home, emboldening animals to sally forth.

In Summit County, Colorado, encounters between moose and people in Breckenridge and Frisco have been on the rise, as abundantly reported in the Summit Daily News, but in July, two bull moose decided to spend an afternoon sampling the willows on the Keystone Ranch golf course.

Keystone, a subsidiary of Vail Resorts, has two golf courses:  The River Course, located close to Highway 6, and the Keystone Ranch golf course, located farther upstream in the Soda Creek drainage.  Keystone has kept the River course open all summer, but, with visitor numbers down, Keystone never opened the Ranch course this year, thereby re-enabling the habitat all along Soda Creek for animals to move in where normally humans would be frolicking every day.

One day this past July, two bull moose came down a ridge from Swan Mountain, munched their way through the willows and out into the water hazard (Reynolds Lake), then back into the willows at the edge of the lake, and then started working their way back up Soda Creek, munching willows and glancing at the fairway all the while, perhaps not believing their luck that no golfers were present.

Two photos show the pair of moose in Reynolds Lake, and one of them looking out from the willows to the fairway..