The Urban Wildlife Photo Club (UWPC) was formed in 1988 as part of the Urban Wildlife Partnership, with the intent to acquire images of wildlife in urban (or suburban) settings for use in a book. The purpose of the Partnership and the book was to convey the message that many forms of wildlife have adapted to co-exist with humans, and that we should celebrate the wildlife around us. The book, Close to Home – Colorado’s Urban Wildlife, was published in 1990. The UWPC has continued over the years, but it has moved away from its roots of celebrating urban wildlife.  While a broader-purposed photography club has been very enjoyable for our membership, the current state of the world in 2019 makes it a high priority for the Club to revive its focus on the relationship between mankind and wildlife in the urban setting.

Our Mission

The Urban Wildlife Photo Club (UWPC) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(7) corporation which celebrates and emphasizes the proximal relationship of mankind to the many wildlife species which have adapted to living with us in urban and suburban settings. 

The UWPC created this website to focus on environmental matters that affect all forms of wildlife co-existing with mankind in urban settings.  This site offers image galleries, blog posts, and longer-form articles about the impact of humans on urban wildlife, the impact of urban wildlife on mankind, broader topics such as climate change and habitat loss, and efforts to mitigate habitat loss.  Individuals and organizations may submit images (with notes about species, location, etc.), blog posts, or articles.

The UWPC can be found online at or at